Package org.talika.tarsis.filters.upload

This package contains upload filters of architecture.


Class Summary
MultipartElement Encapsulates an element of a multipart request.
MultipartFile Encapsulates a file of a multipart request by extending adding content type and remote name attributes.
MultipartInputStream Defines a specialiced InputStream to process a multipart stream.
MultipartIterator Multipart iterator allows us to iterate multipart request element as like a java.util.Iterator although it doesn't implement this interface.
MultipartRequestFilter Multipart filter process client's multipart/form-data requests.
MultipartRequestWrapper Provides a convenient implementation of the HttpServletRequest interface that allows us transport all parameters from a multipart request like parameters in a normal request.

Exception Summary
MultipartRequestException Throws by MultipartRequestIterator if there is any problem procesing a multipart request.

Package org.talika.tarsis.filters.upload Description

This package contains upload filters of architecture.

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